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Audio Atrocities™ : MegaManX7 Capcom Playstation 2 2003
I propose that there be some kind of bad dubbing repeat-offender punishment complex. I envision it as a Supermax facility with full body cavity searches and sadistic prison guards.
Why do witless directors and producers need a Supermax detention facility? Well, they don't NEED one, but hopefully the daily humiliations piled on in those glorious odes to dehumanization will make offending Video Game Writers, Directors, and Producers sentenced to serve there never want to go back, resulting in the seemingly endless chain of bad localization and dubbing being broken.
And here, ladies and gentlemen, is exhibit A. Megaman. A 15th year anniversary Megaman, no less. And with all the atrocious acting and writing you've come to expect from a Megaman game. We really need to demand better than this.

Exhibit A: Hi nard?!
Yes, he really said it. The good news is that another character says this in a less embarrassing fashion. Hi-A-nard. Which, of course, is a much better name than Dick.

Exhibit B: Don't call me a kid...I ain't that no more.
Dunno why, but this reminded me of that crappy Disney musical Newsies from ages ago. Stupid and out of place...or wait! It was just bad enough to be right at home in a Megaman game.

Exhibit C: So, you are Zero, the grace of whose attacks is like no other.
"Fantastic" faux-literate line all mixed up and put into the wrong place at the wrong time in the wrong game. Par for the course, really.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
Clip 4, Clip 5, Clip 6

“Hi nard?!”
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