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Audio Atrocities™ : Mega Man 8 Capcom Playstation 1997
Okay, this isn't just bad acting, this is the very definition of the word sloppy. More than half the voices are miscast, and actual dialogue IN-GAME has trips, stutters, and miscues that you might experience if you were reading something for the very first time. Problem is, whereas a professional voiceover cast would redo those kinds of takes, they left the mistakes in Megaman8!

These clips are from the animations in the game, but trust me, the in-game speaking snippets are no better. Together they effortlessly achieve a soul-sucking broken sewage-treatment plant kind of experience. Bleagh.

Exhibit A: The barrier privates me from going there.
This is uttered by the robot Duo, who was programmed from a VIC-20 and is therefore incapable of correct interaction with humans in their non-binary communication protocols. If only they had bought the 16k expansion pack before attempting to program him!

Exhibit B: ...we may a...be able to...
Within a SINGLE sequence, there's two stumbles here that are obviously the actor (using the term loosely) misreading and correcting lines he has probably seen for the first time. Distilling this take would get you a nearly pure extract of crappy game dubbing.

Exhibit C: Based on my studies so far...
Since when do robots study? More bad Duo dialogue spoken in the most-non-robot, non-engaging way possible.

The Rest:
Haven't had enough? Here's some additional clips for your amusement:
None at the moment

“The barrier privates me from going there.”
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